What we offer

Best Quality Seafood

Our main field of activity is the handpeeling of cold -water shrimp (Pandalus borealis). Also offer various seafood products: crayfish tails, vannamei prawns and machine peeled shrimps. Our production process is MSC, ASC and FSSC 22000 certified.

Highest Quality
Cold-Water Shrimp

In all our handpeeled shrimp products, we use Pandalus borealis shrimp caught from the North Atlantic – the highest quality cold-water shrimp from the cleanest possible environment, which are immediately cooked and frozen on the catching vessel.

Package sizing according to customer needs.

Handpeeled Shrimp Products

Hand-peeled shrimp are undoubtedly of the absolute highest quality. Hand-peeling helps preserve the natural and unique succulence, taste and shape of the meat.

Package sizing according to customer needs.

Machine Peeled Shrimp

Our machine-peeled shrimp are smaller than our hand-peeled shrimp, but a more economical option.

Perfect for use in a wide variety of foods.

Package sizing according to customer needs.

Crayfish Tails in Brine

Our peeled crayfish tails in brine are perfect for use in a variety of foods or as a cold standalone snack.

Crayfish are a smaller, freshwater version of lobster, with the meat and flavour of a sweet langoustine. Crayfish tails are a delicious addition to BBQs, picnics, seafood salads or just on their own with crusty bread and lemon.

Package sizing according to customer needs. 

Vannamei Prawns in Brine

Vannamei prawns in brine are large, soft and mouthwateringly delicious.

Perfect as snacks as well as for use in salads and other foods.

Package sizing according to customer needs.