Food Service

Our finest seafood could become the highlight of your menu. Every shrimp, crayfish tail and mussel has been carefully selected to provide your customers with a unique taste experience. See more

Our Brand Marwi

Seafood in brine, seasoned seafood and seafood in oil are excellent choices for people who love high-quality food and don't want to spend too much time cooking. See more

Private label

Enrich your product line by offering finest seafood packaged with your brand's logo and style. Package sizes are available according to the customer's request. See more


JP Foods

JP Foods AS is specialized in seafood processing, wholesale and retail since 1992.

Our main activity is the hand-peeling and packaging of Pandalus borealis shrimp. Our main client base consists of larger and smaller wholesalers, who supply produce to the Food Service and various retail chains.

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